2016-04-12 danielFixed bug in last commit master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-04-12 danielAdded newest Panorama to frontpage
2016-04-05 danielChanged number of pictures in config
2016-04-05 danielBugfix in image capturing code
2016-04-02 danielfixed size on mobile
2016-04-02 danielAdded Lisence and Readme
2016-04-01 danieladded more comments
2016-03-31 danielAdded some comments & refactoring
2016-03-31 danielMinor changes for CSS and HTMl validation. (Fixed a...
2016-03-30 danielFinished live updates
2016-03-29 danieladded remove buttons, finished code for ui actualisatio...
2016-03-28 danielAdded functions to remove panoramas and archive, added...
2016-03-28 danielAdded code to create & assemble panorama
2016-03-27 danielAdded and modified my old php based wensocket implement...
2016-03-27 danielArchive finished
2016-03-26 danielAdded function to use a class as Rest or Console interface
2016-03-25 danielInitial commit